Water sports and sailing are excellent ways of being active and keeping fit. However, those who do not live near the sea may find it difficult to get a sport that they enjoy. Such individuals can enrol in a boot camp like the solihull bootcamp. They will get to learn many different ways and techniques of keeping fit. Boot camp workouts are enduring as they combine three basics of a fitness program into a single challenging workout. They are cardio, agility and strength.

Boot camp workouts are usually a combination of athletic and military training drills. However, they avoid the highly choreographed moves, instead choosing to strive for simplicity. The drills involve simple tools or body weight. Whether the boot camp is run inside a fitness facility or outdoors near a park, one should go for moves that he or she can modify in accordance to various fitness levels.

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The Framework

Boot camp workouts should be structured like a circuit. For instance, participants should do between 10 and 20 exercises in a row with little or no rest at all in between them. Each exercise should have a set time limit, usually between 30 and 90 seconds. Alternatively, the class can be structured by number of repetitions. Participants can warm up prior to the workout with light cardio moves like dynamic stretching and marching in place. The campers can also do torso twists, body-weight squats and knee hugs.

Outdoor Options

An outdoor environment offers opportunities to be more creative with the workouts. Participants can head to a playground or a park where they will be pushed beyond their limits. For instance, a swing can be used for suspension training. Campers can adopt a push up position whereby their ankles will rest on the swing's seat. Alternatively, they can pull their knees to the chest to get a challenging jack-knife variation. A park bench can be used for dips and step-ups, while a grassy track is ideal for sprinting. Boot camp participants can also perform traditional moves like prisoner squats, jump lunges, mountain climbers and burpees for rounding up the outdoor workout.


Instead of boot campers being bogged down with lots of fancy equipment, they can be handed a set of dumbbells for a simple routine. These dumbbells can be used for boosting the intensity of classic moves. For instance, the campers can do jumping jacks and press overhead light weights at the same time. They can also adopt a plank position for renegade rows. The dumbbells can be used for push ups with a rotation into a side plank having a shoulder raise. Straightforward interweave exercises like squats and dumbbell curls can be interwoven throughout the workout in order to prevent the campers from being overwhelmed.

Alternative Equipment

Other pieces of simple equipment that can be used in boot camps include resistance bands, fitness benches and medicine balls. Medicine balls can be incorporated into partner drills whereby two campers face each other and jog sideways while passing the ball. The fitness bench can be used for simple cardio drill like plyometric jumps.