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Channel Islands Harbor's Only Award Winning ASA Sailing School

Oxnard Sailing Lessons Awarded ASA Outstanding West Coast Sailing School 2007, 2008, 2009

Learn to Sail Ventura Members Save Over 30% On Private Lessons

Do you want to learn to sail in a quality environment where we give private sailing lessons at your own pace? This is what the SailTime Sailing School is all about. Members receive award winning instruction at preferential pricing. Why settle for less when you can get the best possible training at our ASA Certified Sailing School. But that is not all - Sailtime's exclusive Novice to Captain program goes above and beyond the normal curriculum of an ASA school giving you even more confidence and skill to sail in all conditions anywhere in the world.

Never Sailed Before?

If you've never sailed before, we start with the basics, to ensure you gain a thorough understanding. If you have sailed before, but just need to brush up on your skills we can custom tailor a learning program just for you. All SailTime Members must be ASA101 and 103 certified to bareboat sail their SailTime boat for safety and insurance reasons. We make this the best possible experience with 1 on 1 lessons that provide 30+ hours of on-the-water training that guarantees you the skills and confidence to sail your SailTime boat on your own. Need lessons but don't want to become a Member of SailTime? We try to accommodate all sailors but please understand that Members get preferential pricing and access to limited instructional time available in the season..

    3-hour Introduction to Big Boat Sailing
    Not sure if ocean sailing is for you and your crew? Spend 3 hours with our instructor on an introductory lesson aboard our luxury yachts
    $195 If you join STCI within 30 days of this intro we will rebate the cost!

    "Old Salt" Checkout
    Are you an accomplished sailor but have never been certified? Get it done simply with our Old Salt Checkout which consists of a 1/2 day with our instructor plus docking practice.
    $195 +ASA test cost/fees Note: If you join STCI at the same time this is included with your Membership at no additional cost

    ASA 101 - Basic Keelboat Instruction
    Taught on our Hunter 33's - The foundation of good sailing competence begins here.

      $850 for 1 person $1150 for 2 people
      STCI Members Pay Only $595 for 1 or $850 for 2 people

    ASA 103 - Basic Coastal Cruising Instruction
    Upon completion, you will be able to cruise safely in local and regional waters as a skipper in moderate wind and sea conditions.

      $950 for 1 person $1250 for 2 people
      STCI Members Pay Only $650 for 1 person or $950 for 2 people

    ASA 104 - Intermediate Coastal Cruising
    Advanced cruising standard for individuals with cruising experience. Sailing by day in coastal waters. Our 104 includes more than average 104 classes found at most schools. Spend 1 or 2 nights at Santa Cruz island as we teach you the basics in cruising and familiarize you with our popular local cruising grounds. Bring your crew person / spouse along with you to enjoy the experience or you can both get certified if you prefer.
      2-day / 1-night, 1 person $850
      STCI Members Pay Only $500

      3-day / 2-night, 1 person $1400
      STCI Members Pay Only $800

Take Advantage of Low Member Prices!

ASA Sailing School Contact Us Today to learn how you can easily get started. We do offer spouse/crew tag-along programs.

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Sailing Clinics:

In addition to our regular sailing school lesson program we also offer scheduled sailing clinics for members to take part in. Our most popular clinics include the Ventura Harbor Lunch Run, Anacapa Island Circumnavigation and Heavy Weather Sailing. We also hold clinics on sailing in the fog and sailing at night to give members a full spectrum of practical on the water knowledge.